Donald Trump's still running, but the campaign's over


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Yes. It’s all over. Relax, Democrats, and don’t bother to vote.*

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I am prepared to be incredibly appalled at how many people will still vote for him.


I just saw a headline that claims the most accurate poll evar has Trump leading…

(I told google now not to show me items from that source anymore)


[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:87929”]Even if he could crawl back nationally — probably a decent-sized if — he’s now completely reliant on his party to do the hard work of ensuring voters go to the polls. If he doesn’t crawl back nationally, or if he doesn’t crawl back enough, the party doesn’t have a lot of incentive to spend time and money that could instead go to embattled House and Senate candidates.[/quote]Would it be normal for a presidential candidate in this situation to start attempting to publicly boost the party’s house and senate races?

Of course, it seems that there was a considerable disconnect between Trump and the rest of the Republican party some time ago, so I would hardly expect that here.


The wheel is turning, but the hamster’s dead?


Any moment now Andy Kaufman will unzip his giant orange Trump suit and step out onto the stage in front of a howling stadium of Trumpenproletariat who will instantly be silenced as puddles of urine pool at their feet.

(sigh. if it didn’t happen at the last debate it ain’t gonna happen now.)


Trump 2016 - When they go high, we go home.


He’s just keeping us in suspense.


OK, you win the “Funniest Comment On BoingBoing This Week” award.


I don’t know about that, if you mean some clear dividing line that what he says no longer represents the views of the party. What do you mean by “considerable disconnect”?


The big issue now is the down ballot races. Getting the electorate out in force when the 2 main Presidential candidates are little loved is a tough sell. Getting coattails off them is likely even tougher.

I hope the Democrats can take the Senate. I hope they gain in the House, but it’s ossified by gerrymandering.


The Republican party wants Trump to raise money and spend it on his election campaign.
Trump wants to raise money.


If that percentage ends up above single digits, i think you’re entirely justified to be appalled there.


What portion of the electorate actually follow the news?


My god, is that what his hair really looks like? It’s so awful…you’d think, with all his money, he could afford better hair.


Have you seen his suits? :wink:


Curious to see what he’s got at the end of October:

That shows him having $64M on campaign cash.


And if they follow the news, what parts do they follow and do they treat them uncritically?