"Let's test out our newly sharpened katana on an intern"

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It’s either a video of an innocent person being maimed or killed, or it’s a prank on me. Either way, yeah.

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Shouldn’t that be 1001 intern opportunities now?

You had 1000 openings, you are one intern down, now you have 1001?


No. His target is to kill 1000 people as per the superstition he mentioned earlier. He killed one, so there is 999 to go.

You seem to be reading it as “The company had 1000 open positions, and now has one more”. This would actually be a company with an unknown number of open positions that wants to use the intern process to kill 1000 people for… reasons.


OH… ok, I got it.

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They need to kill 1000 interns to cure their herpes. They got one.

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Hmm. My current understanding is that “tsugigiri” actually means something closer to “Brawling in the street”. I first encountered the word in Richard Cohen’s excellent By the Sword (2002, Random House, New York), which also mentions “Tameshigiri” – testing a sword out on a corpse.

A third possibility, that they’re doing it Mythbuster-style, by slicing into a dead pig, has occurred to me, but it’s still not something I want to watch.

Either the article got changed or the author is playing with us. The only videos I saw embedded in the page were a clip of a battle anime and a Pokémon clip (though I didn’t watch either.) I was hoping more for the Mythbusters/pig type proof myself.

Eta: caught by the glitch! The Show Full Post button doesn’t show the video clip the actual link to the story does, so the link I followed was the one to the Japanese language article. Grrrrrrrr. :rage:

Eta again: just for that I watched the real video link. Not bad, just a silly, slightly cheesy skit.


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