Letting go of "Let it Go"

Yep, it’s that Disney song that got into everyone’s heads. A request was made to find a decent cover of the song.

Continuing the discussion from Awesome Song Thread!:

I’d posted two covers, but neither was a jazz cover. When I first checked, I found out that most of the jazz covers are instrumentals, and they’re orchestrated closely to the original track. That’s why I didn’t post them first try. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy hunt. I started this thread so we don’t take over the Awesome Song Thread. Here are a couple more attempts at finding something decent cover-wise, and this first girl did something interesting.

She’s live singing the “Let it Go” lyrics over the recorded instrumental for Sinatra’s “(I’ve Got You) Under My Skin”

This version has been fully recomposed for a jazz quartet.

I didn’t find any decent swing covers and I’m just posting those two here. This thread is now available in case anyone else finds something worth posting.


This one, which was plugged on John Oliver is quite good, her voice is so damn close to Idina Menzel

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