Levitating, dancing and shapeshifting droplet


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Yes, this is …ummm… “screaming” for a brostep soundtrack. :wink:

This is amazing. Now I just need some DIY instructions so I can recreate this in my home lab.

Oooh. Now I wanna see experiments with resonating acoustically-suspended droplets in orbit!

Wonder how many axes you could get? Paging Bucky Fuller!

Today I learned that acoustic levitators exist. Not even noon and today is already a great day.

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Sounds interesting.

Great. Now I can’t get that fifth harmonic out of my head.

That 8th harmonic seems to barely show the star points. I wonder if using something more viscous than water would help here.

Quick, someone try this at home and tell me! (Yes, I’m too lazy to set up a home lab, but I do really want to know.)

Please tell me no liquid droplets were harmed in the making of this video!

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