Levitating (!) bluetooth speaker


Fucking speakers, how do they work?


Needs to charge wirelessly…


Pedro Rafael Rosado of the Pop Tech Jam podcast reports that the OM/ONE sounds good, though maybe not as good as they should for the price; but who cares, they levitate! He also likes Om’s INNEARPEACE ear buds.

I think I’m gonna hold out for the mirror ball version.


I’m curious if the rate of rotation can be controlled, such that it could function like a Leslie.

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“Good against remotes is one thing”


Welp, future’s here

So the leivitation doesn’t do anything for the sound? I guess it’s just to look cool. Also the round shape doesn’t seem like it would be good for taking with you as it would roll around on whatever you set it on and wouldn’t fit as easily into bags and stuff as something rectangular. Looks cool though.

The only possible benefit of levitation would be to eliminate noise caused by vibrations from your speaker on other surfaces, which realistically is not a very big problem with most home speakers, and one much more easily overcome than resorting to levitation.

Still looks cool though.

Not to mention it doesn’t levitate by itself - there’s a cuboid ‘stand’ that it’s held in the air above

Especially a speaker that size… it’s tiny!

Since they make minor reference to its sound but endlessly crap on about its aesthetics in the promo vid, I think it’s pretty safe to assume the sound isn’t worth the money.

If someone needs a bluetooth speaker to be a conversation starter, you’d probably be better off sitting at home playing video games.

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