Libertarian social media site Parler asks government to force private businesses to do commerce with them

Not wrong. Libertarians always revert to fascism


Beat me to it. :face_with_head_bandage:

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To be fair, there are some who are moving to the capitalist left (and further) as they realise the inherent contradictions with having both liberty and absolutely free markets. The ayn-caps would probably argue that they aren’t libertarians though, they’ve been trying to push the agorists out for being too left wing since at least the 1970s and the mutualists are market socialists.


Fits. Von Mises was one of the almost endless parade of right wing intellectuals who gushed about Mussolini and how he saved the West.

Because collective bargaining is the end of liberty, not fascism, concentration camps, and imperialist war.


Maybe the 2nd… /s

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Neo-nazis have been calling themselves “Libertarian” for a while (Note the capital “L”) as a way to allegedly disassociate themselves from mainstream right wing politics in public. It has not been a convincing effort.

However given that the GOP has gone whole hog in making white supremacy an overt platform (as opposed to “dog whistling”), the term has lost its meaning.


Except in the field of Atomic Physics. Nazis drove away all the best talent.

That’s what’s really rubbing me raw about all the reporting and discussion on this. I would not be surprised to learn that half of America thinks that a handful of big tech companies control access to The Cloud, somehow analogous to the original broadcast television networks.

In this context they are called ‘data centers’ which are big buildings full of ‘servers’ but that’s not important right now. And building all that out doesn’t even require mad skillz; just get to being ‘job creators’ and quit whining.


Soooo many ists

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