Libraries throughout the US are getting bomb threats

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I only expect this far-right terrorism to get worse in the lead-up and aftermath to this and future national elections.


Libraries “We’re a safe space for everyone, including LGBT people”

The Radical Right “We can’t have THAT”

Jumping Jebus on a pogo stick…these morons think the only book they need is the bible, and they havent even read that one.


DOJ and FBI doing something about these terrorists in 5…4…3…2…

Oh, that’s right. These are white, CIS men.

Carry on.



I’m pretty sure that when you spend your time phoning in bomb threats to libraries, that’s a sign that your life has gone wrong somewhere and it might be time to re-evaluate.


If they want to ban stuff, let’s start with the Old Testament /s. It’s got a bit of everything in it, most of which I had never envisioned. What vile creatures He must have made.


I really hate people sometimes. No wonder I like hanging with my dogs more and more the older I get. Growing up, the library was my favorite place to be - as it should be for everyone.


We haven’t had one yet, but we do have procedures in place for what to do if we receive a bomb threat. I’m going to forward this article to our director. Yay. :angry:


Growing up, it wouldn’t have occurred to me that someone would ever oppose something so beneficial, nurturing and classically American as a library.


I notice Denver is one of the cities named. I’m curious what cities are in the “and other cities” list. Is anyone familiar with the source? I didn’t see a reference.

I’m considering a move from Denver to Seattle and I’m curious if it’s on that list. I’ll be disappointed if it is. I’m trying to get away from stupid.

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Fascists, fascists all the way down. :confounded::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


“extremists” is a both-sides euphemism :unamused:


Except a library is full of books, books let people learn things, which might give them ideas above their station.
And we can’t have that, now, can we children.
Even Republikkkans act stupid in order not to frighten the sheeple.
Except for dTrumph, who really is congenitally stupid.




Well, sure- libraries are inclusive and welcoming to everyone. But equally terrible in the eyes of right-wing nutcases is the fact that they’re free. Having a community resource where everyone (Even poor people! Even the gays and the Mexicans!!) can benefit (or just exist without needing to spend money) is an unforgivable crime in their eyes. They’d rather their entire towns burn to the ground than provide anything that might lessen the suffering and injustice of even one “unworthy” person.


On a visit to my local library a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a display celebrating banned books. For the moment it made me feel proud that they were standing up to the forces putting so much pressure on libraries. Out of curiosity I asked the librarian at the info desk how often they receive book challenges. My assumption is that my community is one of the better ones, so we’ll never see them.

My library is a part of a system of libraries in my area, so the librarian informed me that my library rarely receives challenges but receives notifications that others have received. He told me the secret is that they don’t put any of those books on display. In reviewing the banned books display, I noticed it was full of classics that have been challenged but none of the current hot button titles. In looking up some of those titles I’ve discovered that they are available at other branches but literally are not on the shelves at mine unless ordered.

It’s unlikely my library will receive any threats because it looks like they handle their programming similarly to their shelves. There are no LGBTQ events or even Black-centered events coming up. We’re in a very blue community. I’m happy the library isn’t seeing any frightening interruptions to its service, but I can’t help but feel extreme disappointment in the fact that it plays lip service while putting all of its effort in avoiding things.


Washington state is one of the hottest hotbeds of far right militia activity in the country. Sure, it’s mostly focused over towards the Idaho border, but Denver is a fairly progressive city as well, and only has trouble because of rural areas like Colorado Springs that have gone off the deep end.

To get away from this stuff, come to Canada! All are welcome. We have our own issues, of course, but it’s a lot better.


Gah. Yeah, that’s certainly one amazingly cowardly way to avoid the problem. That’s also very much not serving the community. Policies and practices are guided by the library’s board and director, so if you have a spineless director, you’ll get these kinds of policies. Staff can influence policies to a degree, but that can be limited.

Got to say I’m quite proud of my library right now. We have those hot button books and they’re on display not only during Banned Books Week. During Pride Month this year (and in previous years), we had a Rainbow Pride Flag on our flag pole out front. We’ve also had a lot for BIPOC and other culturally important events, especially those that reflect our community.

This wasn’t the only display for Banned Books Week. There’s a full selection of more recent titles on the shelves behind Montag here. Edit to add: The Ray Bradbury quote on that card reads “There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running around with lit matches.” Those people out there that want to ban those hot button books have succeeded with their bad at your library already and can focus their efforts on getting those others to comply.


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