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At some point, the distinction between genres is so slight that you’re really talking about the differences between bands, or even the difference between songs from the same band.

That’s what I see in that world cloud.


I often suspect that 3/4 of electronic music genres are just a couple of kids on Twitter inventing a category, then assigning bands from 10 years ago or more to it to give it legitimacy.

Deep Baroquecore: like regular baroque, but the instruments are tuned to A = 437 Hz.

That said, Every Noise At Once and Similar-Artist and the like are still useful for finding new stuff.

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Only a monster can’t tell the obvious difference between necrogrind and deathgrind.


A lot of the electronic genres that seem, to the outside, to be sort of meaningless are very important in the context of how many people experience the music (in a rave or festival, while on drugs). Distinctions like 10-15 bpm differences that might not mean a lot outside of both of those contexts can massively change the way that one experiences music (although there are larger difference), deep psytrance and dark psytrance are wildly different experiences. I’d even split out the psytrance area (something I know a bit about) a little bit more (not much).

For example, there are two primary areas of ‘dark’ psytrance, Forest, and darkpsy (really, forest is an extension of darkpsy), but the reason I’d separate them out is that the divide between the two is extremely polarizing in the psytrance community, as many find the inorganic, heavy, mechanical sound palette of darkpsy to be highly anxiety-inducing and unpleasant, while the same people find forest (which is just as dark) to be completely palatable.


if anyone finds any of this shit enjoyable, check out ektoplazm, a free psytrance label:


This… this is satire, right?


nope! more making the point that subgenres are important, but probably only inside of their own genre. There are real, useful distinctions to be made, but if you don’t know [doom metal/EBM/psytrance/techno/insert genre here] well, it’s probably not useful to you.

I couldn’t tell the difference between, say, japanese jazztronica and chill lounge, but I’m sure there are differences that are useful to someone who is involved there.

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Because only a monster can understand the lyrics? :smile:


This comment illustrates things perfectly, because I can’t even distinguish psytrance from other kinds of trance, or sometimes trance from house or whatever. You’re talking about several layers down in sub-specialization; it’s rabbit holes all the way down.

And I’m not new to electronic music, as either a listener or a creator – I just haven’t gone to those sorts of events. Just the occasional industrial/EBM show.

As far as what I make goes, sometimes I don’t even know what the hell to call it. I tend toward dark ambient, glitch, industrial, powernoise, and I’m influenced by jazz and future bass and bellydance and complex rhythms from the folk music of various cultures, and sometimes that all goes into one track.

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You have a beatport/soundcloud/something? About to head out to black rock, and that sounds it might be up my alley.

message sent :sunglasses:

Back in the day there was Ishkur’s guide to electronic music.

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