Understand the history of heavy metal by watching this single song

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can commenters point to well-curated lists of bands/artists falling into those categories and further ones, please and thank you

i keep listening to stuff and finding things i like but i’m never sure what damned category it falls into

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Categories are for narrow-minded gatekeepers. Just listen to stuff you like.


I never cottoned to much metal beyond the stuff toward the beginning of the video, but it was nice to see all those sub-genres explained.

most interesting of all, “Power Metal” is apparently Pachbel’s Canon
[videos cued to relevant bits]


All these different genres of metal/rock are pretty interesting but i find it silly to latch onto any one particular genre… for either a band to only play a given genre or a person to just listen to something in particular. I understand why someone would, but it seems limiting. I try to find music and musicians that speak to me and i don’t even bother asking myself the exact type of genre that falls into.

Well, sure, categories are for conformists and I don’t play by society’s rules and everything, but these categories can be good ways to find new music to like.


I just always thought it was because music fans were OCD.

Case in point:

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It can be useful for finding more music that is similar if you find a band whose sound you really like. I’ve done it myself. But there’s only so much of a type of sound i’m willing to get into, i like listening to a good variety of things so more often than not i try to randomly come across new bands and not bother looking up what they fall under.

Doesn’t work for everyone, just speaking of myself :slight_smile: I have friends that are super into certain genres and tend to focus a lot on that. Seems boring to me though.

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I guess you’ll need a 7-string if you want to learn that song, I noticed he only goes down to that low B-string on a few of the genres.

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sigh you really couldn’t tell? - ok, see edit above

Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it.

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well, considering this post was about sub-genres…

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they’re generally marketing terms, but youth subcultures have also used genres and subgenres as a means of defending their music.

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“Melodic Death Metal” just cracks me up. I had no idea it was a thing.


It’s quite good, actually. And a good name for it. “In Flames” is the big name in the genre, at least stateside.

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Cool! It just sounds oxymoronic. I’ll check it out.

Someone actually has been working on genre mapping, which is more interesting than it sounds:

Every Noise at Once

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AFAIK, Porsche doesn’t make electric guitars.

a map is much more interesting than a list, especially a dynamic map

listening to the posted video, i kept wondering how he picked the order of the genres - i thought it was alphabetical, but then it wasn’t

also made me think of the article from years ago, might have been in Rolling Stone, explaining how each track on Led Zeppelin IV launched a… ok, genre, of music - let me see if i can find that… nope, will keep trying