Video: Heavy metal that is truly one-note


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Also recommended by this guy is the Slayer Banjo cover:

and “Binary Metal”:

Anyone who says that Evolution is an Arms Race should have a look at guitar playing over the last 30 years.

7 Strings!

No, 8!


Coming soon: 10 string guitars in mass production.


Yeah, he’s good! This one’s pretty funny, too.


And Shane speal did a nice article on Joe Willie Duncan’s Unitar this week as well.

I dunno, needs more growls and screams.

omina call that more of a black metal than heavy metal per se - amiright?

Hilarious. And not a terrible representative of the genre. I would intentionally listen to that again.

Also, the Cheerios made me laugh.

Brushy One-String


Don’t start a discussion on the finer points of Metal classification. We’ll be here all day.

Case in point:

(This list is incomplete, by the way)

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I’m not a reggae fan but Rise up Reggae Star was a very interesting documentary.

Awesome. I think maybe the Devil went down to Georgia.

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