Library shares the random stuff they find in their books

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I opened a coffee table book called An Illustrated History of Science Fiction a couple of years ago, and this poster fell out. It was folded up. It took me a while to recall that I had bought it from the artist at a science fiction convention in Maryland in the 1970s. I have no memory of stuffing it in there, but it must have been to protect it.

The experience of finding this was like diving into a pool of nearly forgotten memories. Books are awesome.


I once stained some pages of a library book with mustard. I felt guilty about that until I, shortly after, checked out a book that had a broccoli stalk embedded within.


Got a call from the library as I was on the expressway out of town for a week-my mom had used as a bookmark an envelope from the bank with 500 dollars in it. Now she eschews bookmarks and folds the pages in half. I hand her a bookmark when I see her doing this, but it’s a losing battle.


The evil cataloger that lives inside me wishes these had full catalog records.


I once opened one of my books to find a $600 money order I never sent. Thankfully, it was recent enough to cash.


Buying second-hand books sometimes comes with extra benefits, like this.

Also, that website is a bit duff. On the home page, the image is thus

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 16.20.10

but when you click through to look (and read) in detail, you get this - and it does not zoom when clicked.

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 16.20.18

Does not happen with all images, but with enough to annoy.


I bought a 1950s copy of Joy of Cooking at Goodwill that had notes in the margins, and folded up recipes clipped from newspapers/magazines tucked into it. Total treasure trove!


I get my books from the local charity shops. Have found a few interesting things over the years.
But the best one was a postcard from one fiance to another. Just a sweet find, and more memorable than the book itself. Naturally, when I finished the book I returned it and the postcard to the same charity shop in the hope that somebody else would have the same “Aw” moment as me.


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