Libs of TikTok founder laughed at when she speaks about "wokeness" — and then can't define it (video)

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I think I saw this posted here once, but it is 100%…

At this point “Woke” is just slang for, “It makes me angry when I see women and/or minorities.”


Given the small size of the group, and how many of them were laughing at her, I wonder if the people on campus behind her visit were not, in fact, having her there just to mock her. I think maybe people should start doing that - invite her places just to make fun of her. It would quickly cool her desire for public events.


From others making similar comments, I’ve gathered that it means the grocery store is offering products that are not to the speakers preferences, such as meat-substitutes, non-dairy milk, or food labeled halal. In short, the store is treating people that are not like the speakers, as if they’re actual human beings.


She’s Jewish. Does she complain about the kosher section of the store? Hell, she probably does, who am I kidding?




A history lesson:

Politically Correct was originally used by the totalitarians after the Russian Revolution (increasingly over the late 1920s) to describe anyone who wasn’t demonstrated that they were sufficiently dedicated to the Dictatorship of the Proletariat as interpreted by Comrade Stalin.

[Edited to correct hasty writing giving the exact opposite conclusion]

It was used during the 1930s to describe adherence to Nazi ideology in Germany. (As in: “sure, the Nazis are handing out Press licences, but only to people who have proved that they’re Politically Correct first.”)

It was then resurrected ironically by progressives in the 1970s, which was taken seriously by conservatives, who proceeded to steal it, and use it do describe anything they didn’t like as “Political Correctness Gone Mad!!” in an act of projection, because they used that accusation to shut down any discussion they didn’t like: Anything deemed “Politically Correct” was ipso facto politically incorrect and therefore unacceptable, and the irony that they were now behaving like the people who had coined the term in the first place seemed to escape them.

Woke was originally AAVE (African American Vernacular English, which is actually more of a collection of dialects, each with their own distinct grammar and vocabulary from “standard” English, but with characteristic similarities between each other), just meaning “awake”, and by extension in the sense of “being aware of”. “He’s aware of it” = “He’s awake to that” = “He’s woke”. It was extended specifically to the awareness that the way things were (and are) for black people in America isn’t fair, and that isn’t an accident. It’s the awareness that this isn’t Just How It Is, that it’s not like that for white people ceteri paribus.

This was picked up by white people much later, because that awareness of what’s going on isn’t something only black people can (or should) have. Where to a black person “woke” means “it’s harder for me, and that isn’t right”, for a white person it’s “it’s harder for them, and that isn’t right.”

Then the “conservatives”, who by now had long since stopped pretending to be “conservative” and were now authoritarian reactionaries on the fast road into fascism, decided that progressives aren’t allowed to have anything, least of all any words they can use to describe the world.

So they stole the word and used it like they did “CRT”, and “socialism”, and “globalist”, to mean, as I said above, “doubleplusungood”. They have been making a concerted and deliberate effort to divorce all these terms from their meanings and reduce them to “bad, corrupting, infecting our precious bodily fluids, memetic hazard”. These terms have meanings, and the fascists want to poison them, in the hope that those meanings become unutterable because there are no words with which to describe them.

These are people to whom O’Brien is the hero in 1984.

This isn’t “taking a joke and treating it seriously and making it true again”, this is a deliberate inversion and corruption of a word so as to take it away from the people who were using it.


… FWIW “normalcy” was also considered an error during the early 20th century :thinking:


Thank you! (no snark here) I’m learning a lot today, and I appreciate the time you took to write this.

Also, thank you to Mindysan33.


… just for the sake of clarity — P.C. meant anti-dictatorship? or pro-dictatorship? :confused:


Pro-Régime. Anything that Lenin/Stalin/etc liked was Politically Correct, anything that wasn’t PC was either Blasphemy Bourgeois, or a category error.

I think I got a bit distracted while I was writing that bit.


… as written it says anti-regime (“not sufficiently dedicated”)

maybe you couldn’t see it because you knew what you meant


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