Life goals: stick a Raspberry Pi in an old TV, stereo or clock

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when i build my batcave, I’m gonna hire that guy as a technical consultant.


Putting an LCD screen in the housing rather than trying to make the original CRT work makes sense for a project like this, I suppose, but a flat monitor never quite looks the same as the original glass.

Related: I was in the Nixon presidential library with my kids once, and we saw a display with Nixon giving his resignation speech on a boxy 1970’s television. (Had a LCD screen in it but basically looked like it should). My kids looked at it for a while, confused, and one of them finally asked: “why would someone put a TV inside of a microwave?”


Hmm… Maybe I’ll add a PIR sensor to my PiCrate.


With cheap tech like RPi available, where’s our middle class Batman?


I’ve been dreaming about doing something similar to this with a Panasonic TR-535. Apparently there is a scene in Blade Runner with this TV, which is just a bonus, I just thought it looked cool.

The main thing stopping me is that I haven’t seen any builds similar to what I want to, so I need to teach myself how to write the software before I drop $100 buying a cool vintage TV.


I don’t think “The Goddamn Pi Man” is going to strike fear in the hearts of evil-doers.


Did you witness the Breaking of the President?


Did someone say Piman?
TRIGGERED (but in a good way)

From the wondrous legacy of Automata, makers of fine home micro software once upon a time, and their magnificent corpus of packaging and adverts from Popular Computing Weekly.

Creative giants walked the earth back then. Read the Digital Antiquarian for a great overview:

Sorry if a little OT, but y’know, 22/3

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“Drive a friend round the bend!”

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We did this at my household and it plays for hours.

Also here is that same TV way back in 1988 in the line at the premiere of the film Wizard of Speed and Time. They had a mini-convention called Line Con and this was used for the “Video Room” showing Mike Jittlov’s shorts.

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I made an Optimus Pi. It plays old video games, transforms, and rolls out.


Wow. That’s more than meets the eye.


Time out:
clockwise 2 clicks (2:10) to navigate from the homepage to the news,
anticlockwise 2 clicks (2:35) to navigate to the weather,
clockwise back 2 clicks (3:05) to navigate to the webcam,
anticlockwise again 2 clicks (3:25) to navigate to the shopping list,
then the scene cuts and we’re back on the homescreen and the dial is in a new position, different from what was shown at the video’s opening. What’s going on? not the behavior I’d expect.

Position doesn’t mater. Every other terminal is soldered together and plugged into a single GPIO terminal so that every other click of the dial triggers the next tab in the rotation.


It just happens that I’ve put in an order with Aidafruit for the parts to convert one of these into an internet radio:


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