Life inside Tokyo's 1970s capsule apartment building


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Dang it. I thought the whole tiny house thing was new and trendy.


Larger than Hong Kong’s “coffin homes.”


Oh jeez, that big-ass printer suspended over the desk in the second picture would come down so hard in an earthquake.


At first glance I thought the exterior photo was black and white.


Darn. Was eager to see the tiny lavatory.


Also by not photographing the people he did not have to get clearance from them to publish their photos…

There’s no clear and present danger from this place, yet, so no way to really get rid of the people who still have legally live there thus the place can’t be torn down and re-developed.

We get decent sized shakes all the time in Tokyo. Anything big enough to bring down that (not so actually big-ass) printer would result in much more to worry about.




I don’t see any sign of kitchen sink, stove/hot plate, kettle, or fridge.

How are people suppose to prepare water to eat?

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