Life on the Fringes of Cyberculture: An Interview with Gareth Branwyn


Wonder if Cigarette Boy is valuable. I’ve got number 450 out of 1000 right here.

Of course the whole book is on a single web page for easy reading.

“easy reading” is a joke btw.

The Cigarette Boy copy that Darick donated to my KS campaign is a special augmented edition. There are only six of them in existence. That added art pages, over-printing, and inserts. A really lovely piece of bookworks. I also have art bundles that include the laminated front and back cover of CB. I always loved that art, so I think these are pretty great, too.

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Cigarette Boy! I’m having flashbacks to Wired’s forum on AOL. I have a copy (never really read it, I’m such a poseur). But I did read what was packaged with it, a photocopy of Richard Preston’s article in the New Yorker that became the book, The Hot Zone. That’s how I learned about Ebola. Changed my life.

Gawd, I remember those AOL forum days. Denise Caruso had the VR forum, there was the Wired forum, and others (was there a Mondo forum?), and Darick Chamberlin, Shawn Wolfe, RU Sirius, Doug Rushkoff, myself, and others hung out there. I used to do a number of panels and talks on there.

Oh, lord. I really need to stop reading Boing Boing on a daily basis. Or maybe the authors would be nice enough to put a “Kickstarter contained herein” warning at the top of posts. Each time a kickstarter project is mentioned, it seems to fall into that whole “Things I Need That I Didn’t Even Know I Wanted” category. Without some type of intervention, I’m going to end up poor and penniless, but at least I’ll be able to keep myself warm by piling all of the strange board games, autographed books and art projects on top of me.

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