Light Saber dubstep


INB4 someone angry that dubstep exists.

Is it dubstep, or is it equipment failure?

I’m not sure that I’d even classify it as dubstep.

Sounds more like glitch-hop to me. Then again I just listen to this stuff, the taxonomy these days defeats me.

What does “in before” even mean? Does it mean you’re saying something that you don’t want anybody to say so that even if they said it they won’t be the first person to say it? Because I see that around here frequently, but I just don’t understand.

To me, Inb4 is basically the same as “Furst!!!1!11!!”

Except trying to look slightly smarter. YMMV on the success rate.

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Where’s the wub?

That is all.


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This one can be more accurately called dubstep than the featured video.

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It means I’m forecasting a tiresomely predictable response, possibly in hopes that whoever was going to make it might change their mind (this time and in the future).

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