Lightning storm recorded at 7,000 frames per second


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Florida Institute of Technology

Seems kinda unlikely that Fla. would even have a Florida Institute of Technology

[note sarcasm]


How else are we going to figure out how to combine bath salts, vodka, and alligators?



But, but, but…all those high school physics teachers who insisted that lightning went from ground to sky!


Very carefully.

And yet the video runs at around 2 frames per second… What gives?


Those are leaders from the clouds downward. There are also usually (although not observed in this video) upward streamers. The bright flash is probably the return stroke, of enormously higher amperage. So both are occurring - sometimes multiple strokes within the same strike. Lightning strikes do occur just from one or the other direction but there is no hard and fast rule.


Y’know, even as a kid, I always suspected that that was the case.


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