Li'l Bub Yule Log Video




Poor little fellow.


Doesn’t his tongue ever dry out?


Hey! I have one of those!


A cat? A fireplace?

A. . . tongue?


Has that cat been drinking superglue again?


Best part – 34:28


Yeah, what’s the deal? Is he okay?


My guess is that he has some sort of chronic breath obstruction. Would explain the snortling noises and the need to breathe through his mouth. Poor thing.


Some cats stick their tongue out when they’re feeling very satisfied. I wouldn’t be alarmed.


Isn’t it a loop? He probably puts his tonge back in his mouth after a few minutes IRL.

EDIT: whoah, it’s not a loop.


From the Repository of All Human Knowledge…

Like the more famous Grumpy Cat.


Dude, its, like, totally not a loop!


Oh. Wait. I didn’t realize it was a fireplace.


It is a several different cuts spliced together, though. If you watch for a while you can catch it.


Bah, humbug.

(That is one hell of a cute cat, though.)


Yeah, not a loop or robot. One real content cat enjoying the radiant heat from a gas fired… erm , fire.


Turn him upside down and …

well, never mind


They need to be together!


She’s actually a dwarf. She has no teeth and is polydactyl (22 toes total). Her tongue hangs out all the time because she’s got a radically underdeveloped lower jaw, but she eats just fine, if a bit sloppily. She’s otherwise healthy, and behaviorally is just a happy little stubby-legged cat.

She’s not a good jumper, but is an excellent waddler and (with 22 claws) climber.

One of our vets had an office cat that had the sort of breathing obstruction you’re thinking of - though not a Persian, his face was “smushed” so his nose wasn’t quite set up right. His name was Smeegol, because he had a puffball toy that he was utterly obsessed with…he’d carry it around constantly, and he did would make loud, Gollum-like wheezes through it. But, again: active, happy, cared for.

Such cats require extra, and not inexpensive, care - Smeegol needed regular eyedrops and special food because of nutrient malabsorption issues - and I’m always happy to see them in good homes with people willing to put in the extra effort and expense.