Lil' Cake Toppers customized for your special day

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The Japanese call them Kokeshi and have been making 'em for centuries.


I really dislike being pedantic, but it is becoming really prevalent and drives me nuts. Crafty does not mean what you think it means.


My special day? Doubtful. They hardly seem appropriate for the slaughter of an Elder Thing to call upon Cthulhu.

I guess if you consider the beginning of the exceptionally short bond between two mortals easily severed by death, then sure, I guess its a “special day.”

We got similar from for our recent wedding. They did a great job of capturing our look and outfits, down to matching my tie. It got a lot of comments on the day. (Also meant that my wife had to deal with them so I didn’t get spoilers on the dress…)

I couldn’t tell you who came first - I suspect that people have been doing this kind of thing for years.

My wife paints these same type of figures. Mostly for our kids, and as gifts to friends and other children. People ask her to make them fairly often.

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