Limited-edition Makie toys come to Selfridges


Forgive me, but Tesla looks like what might result if Benedict Cumberbatch got it on with one of those grey aliens.

How is the “World’s First 3D Printed Toy” claim qualified? Makies are definitely some of the coolest 3D printed toys, but I can’t see how they’re the first. Makes me think of how many “world’s first” 3D printed dresses we’ve seen in the last few years. :smile:

The asterisk is hard to see, but they’re the first 3D printed toy to pass regulatory toy-safety tests, and can thus be legally marketed to children, without the “NOT A TOY” disclaimer.


Ahh, that’s awesome - that must have been a huge hassle to sort out.

Indeed! And it’s paved the way for more to come.

Got the scientist references in all names but Hopper. Is Ada the bespectacled one? Probably my favorite.

As original and lovely as these are, I still see the same problem with them as I do with many other mainstream dolls today: impossibly large doe-eyes, puckered lips, thin limbs, and heads with widths greater than their waists. A great step in the right direction, but just one step.

That would be a reference to the late, great, totally awesome Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, hero to programmers (she popularized the term ‘debugging’ and created one of the first software compilers) and Infosecurity folks (in the military, she had a hand of early software security projects as well). She was a complete, unadulterated badass.and even before her death in 92, was coming up with ideas well ahead of the time.

Ada Lovelace gets credit as the first programmer, for her associations with Babbage, but Grace Hopper was the world’s first Rockstar Programmer. I’m no longer surprised when digging into some concept to discover that Grace thought of it first…

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The one on the left is supposed to represent one of those diseases where young people lose control of their bowels or bladder and have to wear a diaper?

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