Lincoln's Gettysburg PowerPoint, delivered 150 years ago today


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I hate this with a passion.

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(Speaking of PowerPoint, wasn’t it the best back in 2003, before they got rid of the (yes, actually a feature, yes actually called this) “AutoContent Wizard”? Man, that tool made adding compelling content so easy and intuitive…)


tl;dr of his explanation: Norvig hates Powerpoint. He created this as a satire.

As an aside, Peter Norvig is among the most famous modern AI/Machine Learning researchers, and is currently Google’s Director of Research.

Much better version:


I have this in Tufte’s The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint.

That book is:

  • awesome,
  • should by widely-read

I’ve realized after going back to school again that most of my loathing for PowerPoints stems from the fact that it seems no one is taught how to make a good or even legible one.

For a biology class, I had to come down hard on the rest of the students in my group. They simply did not get that you can’t put an entire two-page paper on one slide, in neon green cursive font, over a watermarked photo that takes up the entire background.

Sadly I’m not sure the professor would have seen it as a problem, as all her own presentations were entirely in multicolor Comic Sans.

I fucking hate powerpoint. Every month or two my biggest client asks me to ‘whip up’ a PP for them based on our work together. They massively overpay me for it, and I am not grateful because PP is fucking horrible and I feel shame every time I send them another truncated abortion of a bullshit thought series. The shame is doubled when they express gratitude or even delight because I know it is based on falsehood and lies.

I like moneys, but I think I lose a part of my soul every time I fire up the program. Of course, I also lose a part of my mortgage.

Power corrupts. Powerpoint corrupts absolutely.


needs more clipart

As you wish.

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Lincoln and me…

Let’s go love some more…


I like your ideas and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

I can’t believe nobody posted this yet:

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