List of meteorites that hit people, houses, and other objects

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What I learned from this list:

Men are more likely to be killed by a meteorite then women or children.

Meteorites like to maim women, particularly taking their arms.(wtf???)

Most meteorites are relatively small.

If you see something coming for you from the sky, step aside, it seems one can survive a near miss from most space rocks.

I think we are more likely survive random rock rain then the stupidity in the White House. Where is a giant meteor when one for one?


Missing from this list…



Also missing:
Honolulu, 1825. Meteorites fell in a strewnfield up Nuuanu Valley from the harbor inland, striking a ship at anchor and several walls.
Palolo Valley, 1949. Meteorite punched through eve of house; was collected for Bishop Museum, but later was cockaroached disappeared.

Where’s the love for Hawaii?


Don’t forget Tricia Tanaka.

Who? I just had to Google her, and I think I missed that one.

I’ve got a weird, partly-melted rock I found on the family farm. The science museum gave me a snotty written note saying it was a ballast rock. I found it in Colorado…ballast for what? How would a ship get to a landlocked state that surrounded by other landlocked states with more landlocked states beyond that?

I’m going to saw a corner off of it with the tile saw and check for the W…Wo? CRAP! The crystals that form inside a meteorite!


May your lamellae align gorgeously.

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Thanks! I’m torn between taking a tiny slice, just enough for scientific purposes, or taking a slice big enough to make into a rodeo-style belt buckle. “How ya like me now, you Basement-Dwelling Theoretical Geologist!”

I’ll wear it with my dinosaur-tooth bolo tie. I was digging in my driveway, and I dug up ‘something funny’. Later, when I washed the mud off, I thought it was badly-scoured Megalodon tooth. I went to the museum’s Hall of Dinosaurs and found it’s many, many twin brethren in the jaw of a display fossil. I want to say it was a Troglodon, but that’s not quite the right name. The dinosaur looked like a Stegosaur without the backbone plates. I’ll find the name again…

I had to Google ‘Tricia Tanaka’, and I think I missed that episode. For awhile there, the re-runs starting looping the new episodes, and that one must have fallen through the cracks.

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