Listen: Raven vs Hawk


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Sorry, all I hear is noise. Try this instead:


… and get off my lawn


Nah. I just prefer vocals that don’t sound like they were sung while gargling glass shards.


Bass player’s got chops.

I love it when a band has an actual classically trained bassist, as opposed to just the fourth best guitar player in the band.


How about walking on broken glass?


These don’t go badly with Cory’s link.


I… did they time travel from the 70s? What’s going on there?

Nice little ditty, though, so thanks for sharing!



All the members of Lake Street Dive graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music. This doesn’t automatically make them good…it’s just a happy coincidence.


ok, maybe this one


I’d say the classical training makes them good. Not to say there aren’t incredible self- taught musicians, but all these classically trained guys seem especially well rounded to me. They’ve not only got technical ability, but also musicianship, and the ability to apply their skills to whichever genre they choose


It’s the meowmeow solo, isn’t it?


Honestly, I’d listen to Rachael Price sing the phone book.


You sound… Disappointed.


Okay :relaxed:


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