This musician plays an electric bass guitar with a bow and it's wonderful

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that was lovely.


a couple of years ago i stumbled upon Davie504 and was just recently showing some of his wacky vids to friends. one of the videos was davie vs charles the pro bassist. mr. berthoud is definitely very talented.


Davie504 also has a bow on bass video, but his is on an acoustic bass guitar.


Davie504 owes his YouTube success not only to his bass virtuosity but to the… odd… persona he has developed for his videos. The idea of a poker-faced tyrannical fanatic who refuses to acknowledge the value of any instrument but bass doesn’t sound that entertaining, but he manages to pull it off.

Charles Berthoud, on the other hand, is pure talent and sincerity, the kind of person you would want to send your kid to for lessons.

I subscribe to both their channels.


Me too. Also Adam Neely, Scott’s bass lessons and, of course, Victor Wooten.

I love bass, I just wish I was any good at it.


I subscribe to all those channels and I don’t even play bass. I’m just a shitty guitar player.


If I had to list all the instruments I own but can’t play we’d be here all night.


As much as I love watching these guys, I wonder what they’re like playing with other folks. Davie did a quick vid in which he played some of his usual flashy stuff, and then said something about that not being hard. The hardest thing on bass was, he said… making money. I really had hoped that he was going to say that the hardest thing was playing in a way that appropriately supported the song and the other musicians, and that consisted of about 1% of his usual note-per-minute count.


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Adam Neely plays with several bands, in multiple genres. The others, yeah some probably don’t have a ton of experience playing in a band. Stevie T, who’s primarily a guitar player whose channel is 99% stupid comedy content, was actually offered a job playing bass for some band (I forget who) on tour, and backed out at the last minute, admitting he has an anxiety disorder so bad that he realized he wouldn’t be any good to them. Personally, I’ve never played with anyone else, not counting my teacher.


Joey Maramba (Ninja Academy) has done a few good tracks with a bow, including this cover of Radiohead’s Idiotique: Ninja Academy - Idiotheque - YouTube


I’m in love with this song and looking for more.


I watched this with my bassist BF, who said, “I’ll have to do that.” I replied, “Well, you better be video-ing with yr phone when you walk into Berkley Music, and tell your best friend you want some cello strings. I gotta see his reaction.”


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