It's a thrill to watch this musician play a one-string bass

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It’s all about the bass.

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The banjo playing reminds me of Stu Hamm.

Starts about 2 minutes in here: Stuart Hamm Bass Solo - YouTube


He’s no Mark Sandman…

(Sandman generally played a 2-string bass)

(also, any excuse to get folks to listen to Morphine)


All your bass are belong to he.


I like Charles Berthoud’s playing. This video is an example of how he has had to create increasingly outrageous hooks to game the YouTube algorithms for views and subscribers.

He’s a talented, trained pianist and bass player who’s channel rose in popularity after being featured in a video by YouTube bassist Davie504. After that appearance, Berthoud changed his approach to YouTube videos to be a bit more like Davie504’s and concentrated on making more gimmicky videos, all featuring excellent playing. And it paid off. His gimicky videos have way more views than his earlier posts of full songs from before the switch.

It’s a bit sad, though, to watch an excellent musician have to chase clicks with gimmicks like that. But even as I say that, I tend to watch his gimmick videos more than his back catalog of earlier videos. So, dunno.

He has some great funky bass solos. Well worth checking out. And some ridiculous tapping skills, though sometimes the embellishments overshadow the song. I like his version of the Entertainer, posted a month ago, even if it may be a bit over embellished:


Douglas Hart of The Jesus & Mary Chain once gave an amusing quote about his bass’ lack of a full set of strings (paraphrasing, I can’t source the clip): “Why would I need any more, it’s adequate…?”

A 2-string fretless bass

And any mention of bass would be remiss without mentioning graham maby

Yup, am in broad agreement with this comment. He’s much more fun to watch when it’s just about the music. I can’t stand the talky, click-baity, meme-ified segments of his videos, and they’re a huge part of why I stopped watching him.
Doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s insanely talented.

Mind you, I have similar feelings about Jacob Collier, who again is a bona fide musical genius that I’m incredibly jealous of, but at the same time has a personality that rubs me completely the wrong way.

I tend to get more out of watching Rick Beato (his recent Sting interview is ace). He has his own issues (some clickbait video titles, a notable lack of PoC and women in his videos and some annoying fixations), but I watch something on one of his channels at least once a week.
His ability to just pick up songs and play along with them remains remarkable, and he’s great at breaking them down. He also has a glorious assortment of kit, enough that he’s able to reproduce tones very easily.

Rick’s Sting Interview:

Oh, and for all his seeming focus on RAWK music, he’s the one who got me listening to Billie Eilish and various other contemporary pop artists I may have otherwise ignored.

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