Listen: Ted Chang's short story "Understand" as a BBC radio-drama

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Such a great story! I would link to it frequently when it was still available (legally) online. It’s like that movie, Limitless, but so much, well, less stupid. (I can’t speak for the book on which Limitless was based or the new TV series, but after the movie I am not inclined to check out either.)

Too bad I have not much interest in listening to radio dramas.

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I love his stories so much. Every time I read one I want to make everyone I know sit down and read them too.

I only recently picked up his collection Stories of Your Life and Others, in part drawn by @doctorow’s and other’s breathless praise on the cover, and couldn’t believe I hadn’t read it before.

Each of the stories is truly great. It’s probably my favorite book of short stories right now.

I personally found “Understand” to be the weakest. That’s not to say that it isn’t a good story, it’s just that the others in the collection outshone it.

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