LISTEN: the desperate last days of a lost WWII bomber


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On Quora a guy wrote a really interesting answer about the Lady Be Good. Apparently for many years after the crash, RAF bomber pilots were given an exercise in dead reckoning by being sent to find the Lady’s wreck and make their way home without the use of navigational instruments. Came with a really good original picture too.


Reminds me of a 1970 TV movie called Sole Survivor - with Richard Basehart, William Shatner, Vince Edwards and John Wayne’s son. Pretty cool ghost story with some poor slob left over in the desert with a baseball bat. Gotta watch that one again.

And the “poor slob” was Lou Antonio - who also appeared in the original Star Trek series as a half black/white alien against the half white/black alien of Frank Gorshin.

And, no, I didn’t Google it.

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