LISTEN: The Incident at Dyatlov Pass


I have yet to hear an explanation that is more compelling than the hikers simply suffering from hypothermia and then dying of exposure.

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It’s one of those stories that only sound mysterious when presented a certain way.

When you say a dilapidated tent that had been exposed to some of the harshest elements on earth was found empty. Bodies that indicated the group fled the tent in panic were found scattered around the area. One body displayed signs of animal predation. Is not as mysterious sounding as all the hype and twisted poorly investigated and documented facts of the case.

The story is basically, Something freaked them out, probably a mistaken sound, and they ran into night dying from either exposure or a fall.

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ball lightning


Hypothermia. People suffering from hypothermia lose higher cognitive functions and behave strangely and erratically. There are many cases of them claiming to feel hot and subsequently taking off their clothing, only to die of exposure.


Ball lighting resulting from Saint Elmo’s Fire caused by a rogue wave as a long-term side-effect of the Tunguska event…

Extremely rogue, given that Dyatlov Pass is in the Ural Mountains, some thousand-odd kilometers from the sea.


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