Expertise and fear doomed the Dyatlov party

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Which will also answer a question none of us asked.

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And who do you think triggered the snow slab to fall? Aliens!


Next they’ll be telling us that all those cattle mutilated themselves.

Like a lot of explanations, this one seems to ignore some inconvenient established facts. One is that in many investigations it has been stated the slope of the mountain wasn’t really conducive to a landslide. Another is that the hikers’ camera had two smeary photos of a bright light in the sky, as if the shots were taken quickly. These are reproduced in several books by researchers investigating the incident. Researchers have also confirmed the light corresponded to the timing of a Russian missile fired from a facility on the other sided of the mountain. The indigenous people in the area confirmed they, too, saw a light in the sky. The prevailing theory has been that the hikers either saw a classified weapon and were killed by Russian forces to keep them silent or were killed by the weapon malfunctioning and the incident was covered up. The behavior of Russian officials was very guarded when the incident was being investigated. So, not a UFO or aliens, possibly not a landslide, but quite possibly a government cover-up. This also doesn’t explain the odd placement and damage to the bodies, but that could have been caused by animals. I recommend the book Dead Mountain for a detailed, first-hand look at the incident and interviews with present-day Russians affiliated with the incident, one of may to purport various theories.

Watch the video I posted above.

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