Listen to 911 call of very stoned drivers turning themselves in

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That reminds me of a story that News of the Weird covered in the 1990s:

A guy walks into a police station in Kansas City carrying a six-foot-tall marijuana plant. He tells the officer on duty that he received a phone call from police with a one-time offer of amnesty if he turned it in.

He was arrested. Dunno who called him, but it wasn’t the Kansas City Police.


If you get high on your own supply, kids - just don’t give any to the cops in your head.


It’s funny because it’s so believable. Love the moment when the dispatcher can’t help laughing but suppresses it.


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I don’t think they are cut out to be smugglers.


they turned themselves in because they were too stoned driving marijuana.


I mean if I ever, like, had taken a lot of road trips with a lot of lsd in my system while also carrying a lot of various things not in my system and even managed to get pulled over several times, had the car get a flat one time in the desert and all sorts of stuff that really never happened honest to god I’m pretty sure that no matter how extremely high I was I would have managed not to turn myself in to the cop who was ticketing me, or even in a couple really freaky situations helping me BUT I might have been enough of a jerk to brag about it online decades later in the comfort of middle age.

I guess this is my what is wrong with kids these days moment.

hmm, driving on 2 hours sleep in two days and a handfull of psylocybin mushrooms and seeing adolph hitler’s face floating in the tail lights of the cars in front of you though, what a great idea it would have been to call the german embassy and say we were sorry and get the Fuhrer to leave us alone. But the German embassy probably isn’t open at 4 in the morning.


Back in the day you wouldn’t hypothetically have had a cell phone - so you would only have had to resist the impulse to turn yourself in while in the presence of the cop. But with a cell phone, the thing is there all the time waiting for that one momentary impulse…

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well back in the day I was very technically forward thinking and there were such things as car phones. however you do have a point that I wouldn’t have had but I believe my points of what a couple a lightweights and idiots! still stands.


This call was weird, he sounded completely lucid and aware of his surroundings (other than thinking everyone was a cop).

It was as if a sober person just didn’t have a problem at all with being arrested.


If I was walking around and saw two paranoids with their hands behind their heads and a dog cage full of herb, I would have let them off easy.

I am just confiscating one bag so that you remember not to drive stoned next time! Now amscra!


the cops are already listening man. I’ve said too much already… /tinfoil

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There’s seems to be some fundamental law of the universe that if you drive on acid, you WILL have to speak to at least one policeman.

Thank God! I was starting to worry it was an universal law of my fundament.

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