Listen to a stunning symphony of bird calls

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The birds are chirping, right now.


I first got this LP back in the 90’s, it used to always show up in the “sound effects” bins at used record stores and I snatched it up knowing it was trippy (I can’t remember who first hipped me to it.) The B-side of the LP purports to be just the source material, so you’d think it’s a standard bird calls LP, except it’s pretty weird too-- I think he plays the original source material, then the slowed down versions he used to for the sound collage.

It appears on the Internet Archives “Unlocked Recordings” collection where you can download both FLAC and MP3s of the entire album.

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et tu Papasan? et tu?


And here’s another…


Lovely. I always enjoy relaxing mid-century documentary records like this.

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