When birds sound like heavy metal and hardcore vocalists


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That is the coolest ornithologist I’ve ever seen. Also, the only one - does not reduce his coolness.


First thing that popped into my head was Hatebeak was on to this years ago.


Why there is no good reason to suspect anything unusual at all.


He’s punk.


Lol, he once did sound design for the Grateful Dead and was the director of technology for Roland. More on the amazingly faze-less Tom Stephenson and the mechanics of how his app works, from the New Yorker:


Yeah, this guy is badass.


This is probably the best video I’ve watched all week. Thank you.


This is right up my alley, love the humor in this :smiley: thanks for sharing! Will definitely check out this channel


Dammit…another bookmark…


The birds are all right, but the banter was hilarious! Scripted or improv? Who knows, with birds.


This is the greatest thing since Caninus.



Which vocalists sound like galahs or sulphur-crested cockatoos? People should be warned.


I’m guessing the app isn’t out for Android yet?

I tried looking, but to no avail.

The official site has a play store button… that does nothing…


Scroll down: “Subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll contact you as soon as BirdGenie™ is available.”


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