♫.(◕∠◕).♫ Witchy Birb


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Super cute - but the sound… wtf?


the suspense is killing me, which house was it sorted into?


Pretty much as to be Ravenclaw, right?


Ooooo, ooooo, witchy birdy…




(Well apparently I need to add some lucid phrasing here to pass Discourse’s filter.

Unlike our wonderful host ಠ_ಠ)


Moments later, they all died horribly in a freak accident caused by shooting vertical video.


dear teen meme makers,

I understand that cranking the levels of sound on videos is hilarious because its the equivalent of yelling and screaming exuberantly, and so, perfectly reflects your youthful personalities, but fuck right off, and get off my lawn. It’s dumb, and not funny, and makes for poor memes.

Thanks! Signed,

an old gym rat


How horrible! I had no idea birds could make such noises! He’s been listening to too much Messiaen.

He actually thinks birds should sound like this.


Raven feathers, ruby beak

sparks fly from her talon tips

Echoed bird song in the night

she’s a restless spirit on an endless flight

wooo hooo witchy birdy, see how high she flies

woo hoo witchy birdy she got the moon in her eye


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