Listen to fictional noise at the Denver Colorado soundwalk

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I know that street well and have walked it many times. That section of Curtis leads to the Denver Performing Arts Center and is part of many public art installations in the area. The sounds are pretty low volume so you have to pay attention otherwise you miss it.

And after your play/concert/show/whatever is done, make sure to grab a late night green chili burrito at Sam’s #3 on the corner of Curtis and 15th.


Nice try, General Chan Lu! But I’m on to you! Your fake art installation can’t really disguise your secret tunnelling operation!


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This art project has been there for over 20 years. I would go to Rockies baseball game and park near here and make a detour just to hear the sounds. I would friends to games and walk on this street just to show them. I remember, trains, zoos, traffic, people talking and a couple of other things.

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