Awesome 8-bit chiptune bloopcore remix of John Cage's 4′33″


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The noise floor is a little too low for it to be authentic. :sunglasses:


I thought of putting in some coughing and dog barking samples run through a SID chip.


ISTR that John Cage said that the piece consisted of the background sounds one becomes aware of. (I suppose the background doesn’t have to be in the recording: this remix as I experienced it was mostly fan noise.)

A friend of mine went to one performance where the soloist accidentally hit one of the piano keys.


Headphones recommended!


Are you crazy?!?!? TINNITUS!


Sounds more 16-bit HI-NRG, to my ear.


I am honesty surprised you didn’t just link to this song?


Encore! Encore!


Rob, what do you use to make your art? Is it Grafx2?



Here’s hoping C F Peters doesn’t sue.


photoshop and painter, mostly


Could we have a FLAC? The MP3 artifacts ruined it for me.


Where is the video or soundfile? It is missing.


The sound of SoundCloud flash not loading at 0:23 contrasted nicely with the doddering of the PC cooling fan in cool weather starting at 03:12 and the gentle crushing of 13 feet of wool batting at 04:33. Nine stars, would expose to sensitive organs again.

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