Death metal band performs John Cage's 4' 33"

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No matter who performs it, this piece never fails to deliver.


Geh’, herst…


I grew up listening to Poison and Crue, so I assumed nothing about metal fashion could ever shock me. But hammer pants? Finally I am old.




The guitarists indoor slippers are pretty eff’n metal, too.


Just goes to show that spandex and hair product are no replacement for discipline and real classical training.


Italian Public television in the '80s transmitted this piece (or an excerpt of it) at the broadcasting start, with the eerie graphics you cold see. An sometimes transmitted it in regular transmission.

Some are disputing that the original composer of 4’33" was the BBC radiophonic workshop seen the heavy use that the English broadcaster did, and could explain why they weren’t sued.

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I expected the metal band would pick up the tempo a bit.


I didn’t read until after watching that they were Austrian, but I immediately knew from the black socks / white Birkenstocks combo that they were from a German speaking country.


Lord Of The Lost about the new single & video:
"The idea to record a cover version John Cages’ legendary piece, "4’33”, was born from a joke, yet by the fascination of its message: silence is as much a part of music as notes or sounds of any kind. What happens if you extend the silence to the conceivable maximum? Is it still music? And if not, why? What provides us with the right to judge? When you have a look at the past - most of those appearances once being declared as “noise” are now a solid part of our culture.

Not only talking about rock or metal, but also about modern classical music or jazz. The last genre is the living proof that a rebellious movement against the establishment can become an important part of itself.
Nowadays the average attention on social media stories has dropped down to 15 seconds, so it becomes unmistakably clear how long 4 minutes and 33 seconds appear – unbearably long and silent. Due to the developments over the course of the current Covid-19 pandemic and the partially necessary shut down of the entire music- and live- culture, “4’33” was turning from a joke, or modern auditory artwork, into a memorial. A memorial to the oppressively loud silence surrounding us, all our fellow musicians and billions of music fans around the world".

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He wasn’t the first one to think of it. He was the first to have just enough fame to pull it off. Bullshit gimmick.

Ahhhh! You beat me to it, Mindysan33! I was about to post this.

This is reminiscent of a certain band that wowed the fictional Seattle Grunge Rock Scene in the 90’s.

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Sounds like hell.

And just how precisely are you supposed to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade without proper arch support, huh?


They did. Thought they were going to finish it in two minutes, but then the solos kicked in.


Loved the lead-in “Whooooooo!”

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I performed it 107 times last night.

I think these performances kind of miss the point. John Cage’s original composition was more about the unsuspecting audience uncomfortably shifting around not knowing what is going on.

As a cultural Meme 4’33 is totally unfukwitable tho.