Man bored on plane makes dance remix of cabin noises



I can see why you suggested we not read the comments. For someone who mostly ignores Youtube comments, I found them kind’a interesting in their lame bitchiness. The song may not be a money maker. But as self-entertainment, it’s first rate.


I only read the comments because you said not to.


I’ve actually done similar projects, and it absolutely doesn’t require being a jerk to the person next to you. The only part of that video that could be disruptive would be playing the physical keyboard, and frankly, I bet that was done after the fact. There are a zillion very nice soft synths for iOS that would be even less disruptive (no physical keyboard required).

Obligitory link to the last project I started on a plane (sadly my attempt to create a synth based on a noise sample turne out crap, and I deleted it):

It’s always a trip to compose on a plane. The pressure messes with your ears, and the strong low frequency hums create a situation where it’s really tough to tell what you’re doing, so when you listen to it later in a proper environment, it’s like hearing something you wrote in a fugue state that you’re hearing for the first time.


It’s youtube. ‘Don’t read the comments’ is implicit for every video.


I would have read the comments…but I no longer can:


That’s excellent. A bit ‘I don’t even have a TV’ style humblebraggy, but still excellent.

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Reminds me of the ICQ song

However, I guess that only a few peesople will remember these sounds :slight_smile:

My now-husband and I used to ICQ each other a lot when we were each living with our respective parents. Disturbingly, after quite a few months, my husbands parents revealed that they’d only just discovered that '“uh-oh!”'coming out of his bedroom tens of times a night (or more) was actually a computer noise.

We’ve both shuddered to think how/why anyone could think their son was sitting in a room alone, uo-ohing over and over… :frowning:

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“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group.”

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