Listen to Karen Carpenter sing "California Dreamin'" when she was 17

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I have not had a chance to watch this yet - but I just became aware of this Carpenters Oddity and it looks…er odd. Can’t wait.


don’t like Karen Carpenter? the mind reels…


My mom liked the Carpenters so it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about them. They make me remember my mom so they’ll always be a good thing.

But you have to admit, Karen Carpenter has great pipes. What a supple and beautiful voice.


He said he didn’t like The Carpenters, not necessarily Karen.

She’s possibly the greatest vocal talent of her generation.


I love the Carpenters. The looks I get when working on a job and listen to The Carpenters Pandora channel are priceless.

If I’m being nice or around people that don’t know me I’ll stick with classic rock but I prefer 70s top 40.

Her voice is even beautiful in Japanese.


Tragic that her life was cut short by fad diets and anorexia.


I watched some bits of it and skipped to the end where I found their big hit cover of Klaatu, Calling Occupants! Very nice!


That took a hard turn from “contemplative and wistful” to “game show theme” at the 0:53 mark.

Arrangement aside, what a voice…and now I’m compelled to go listen to “Superstar.”


It is very hard to ignore that awful and intrusive arrangement, but yeah, what a voice.


That’s always been my problem with the Carpenters. Yes, Karen had a great voice and Richard is clearly a really clever musician, but their taste was incredibly low brow.

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This has been covered by lots of artists. While I still prefer the original, Jose Feliciano’s version is pretty great.

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This is MY favorite, but I have it on good authority that I’m a huge weirdo! Henry Kaiser - California Dreamin' - YouTube

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This is fantastic.

Folks who like Karen Carpenter will likely enjoy Weyes Blood

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She’s my favorite female singer of all time. It makes me so sad to think that whatever deficiencies she felt were so strong that she ultimately killed herself.

Reminds me of Sonic Youth’s tribute to her…

And their cover…

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