Listen to Moby's new version of "Porcelain" with Jim James (This Morning Jacket)

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This sounds a LOT like Satie’s “The Three Gynopedies”

Natalie Portman sez fuck Moby.

I like Jim James, though (please don’t be a creep, Jim🤞🏼).


Yeah a lot of people don’t have nice things to say about him. Not sure it’s Woody Allen or HP lovecraft level of complaints… but I still appreciate a lot of his music.


Jim James of This Morning Jacket


I couldn’t count how many nights in college included listening to “porcelain” while stoned. I had a few friends that were obsessed with Play, and we ended up listening to it seemingly every night that year. One of those songs that instantly takes me to one specific place and time

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Yeah, I don’t know what I’ll be in the mood to wear tomorrow morning.

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Should we cancel him?

That’s not really a thing that happens You can support an artist or not. You can’t cancel anyone. Cancel culture is a right wing boogie man used to frighten small minded folks or attack people who don’t like the same things they do. See: “The war on christmas”.


I’m getting immediate flashbacks to every single advert in 2000.

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at the river…

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