Listen to President Obama's summer playlists


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Like the reading list, it’s only going to be a short while before journalists find a reason why this is “disturbing” and “raises questions.” Probably Billie Holiday.


Hmm, no Dronecore, am disappoint.


Let’s beat them to it.

Where’s the call to prayer?


Coldplay on any playlist is an impeachable offense.


He could have released the playlists without endorsing Spotify.

Does that qualify me as a minimally professional journo?


I totally wanna get high with this dude.

Of course you could say that about a lotta dudes, and women, and like. . . dogs and cats and goldfish and houseplants.

And like, this rock over here. I totally wanna get high with this rock.



One word: Coldplay.


As is clarified in the comments of said thread the issue is with middlemen, not the streaming model.

(I await patiently for my Sutherland)


Stop hogging the rock!


What if I told you I never even heard of something like a vacation playlist and I hate “summer songs”.


What about “Please Mr. President” - Fitz and the Tantrums, or Marilyn Monroe’s rendition of “Happy Birthday”? - Maybe these are on playlist #3.


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