Spotify playlist: Resist -- taking suggestions


Continuing the discussion from Will the Trump presidency play out like Sinclair Lewis’ "It Can’t Happen Here?":

So this moved me to create a Spotify playlist titled “Resistance.” I’ve been adding to as songs and/or artists occur to me. I’ve love to share it and receive suggestions on more songs to add. This isn’t specifically about Trump, but about resisting the whole damned drift to the right we’ve been having. No genre is off limits, so be warned that everything there is not to everyone’s tastes, I’m sure.


Sat down to do something similar shortly after the results came in - many excellent suggestions arrived in this thread before it tapered off:


Well that added a lot to the list – Thank you!



Oi Polloi’s been getting some heavy rotation for me in the last week.

but pretty much anything by these two bands.

A couple of old classics:

ETA: Dunno if these are too aggro or what. I don’t have a spotify, so dunno what’s on the rest of the list. :slight_smile:


Personal additions to that list since then:

Rise Above - Black Flag
World Destruction - Time Zone, John Lydon, Afrika Bambaataa


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