Petra Hadens' stunning a capella cover of the Blade Runner theme


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Personally, Blade runner blues would have been a better choice.


What a beautiful version! Thankyou for sharing. :slight_smile:


I love that she kept all of the dialog and sound effects from the album version. She’s so awesome.


Marked and followed in my Spotify list. Spotify further notes she’s one of three daughters to jazz bassist Bill Charlie Haden.

Edit: I really should have my morning caffeine before posting.


You should really check out her version of The Who Sells Out (the entire album) that she made about 10 years ago.


She and her two sisters perform as The Haden Triplets, doing classic Americana, and their voices are truly beautiful together.


My one-day-a-week job (a slog up to Lafayette from San Diego) affords me some listening time. Spotify has 8 albums listed for her, this being one.


FWIW, Petra’s cellist sister Tanya is married to actor Jack Black.


She also did a really nice cover of “Don’t Stop Believin’” back before its Glee-led revival; her humming of the guitar solo is hilarious and impossible not to ape if you’re listening to in a car.
Her work with that dog was a lot of fun too.


Surely you mean Charlie “Liberation Music Orchestra” Haden?


You’re right. Pre-caffeine post.


Great! Has some very Meredith Monk-like moments in there.


This is the sort of thing that led me to BB and kept me there.


Someone explain to me how making a bunch of clicky sounds and copying an existing piece of art is noteworthy? No one’s cared about a great a cappella (spelled properly we should hope) band since people were in university. Get over it. Man, remember when BB reported on stuff that mattered to more than just the people writing the article?


Now that comment shows prize-winning levels of stupid.


Are you disappointed in BoingBoing? Do we have to put you on THE LIST?


They have left three comments in total, and each of them consists of whining about how awful BB is.

I’m guessing: troll.

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