Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" on bamboo flute and koto


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Fucking Aces!


Hey, I liked the Alien Ant Farm cover. Might have something to do with the fact that I was a young teenager at the time it originally came out, but still.

This version is pretty nice, though my favorite is still this one:


Motto kauberu!


Voodoo Chile:




And I like to think Jimi Hendrix would’ve loved this.


I like the Alien Ant Farm version as well, and thank you for sharing that cello fight version, but this right here is next level, IMHO.

ETA: Yikes! I’ve succumbed to the stupid human need to rank EVERYTHING!!!
All these versions are bad-ass. Also, I’m in platonic love with both cellists :heart_eyes:

2ETA: Wow, all these 2CELLO videos are awesomesauce! Thank you so much for showing me them.


Yup. Ms Lee is very good - covers Hendrix well, but has very eclectic tastes: Stevie Ray Vaughn; Santana; B. B. King; does a creditable job with Satriani, Vai and Johnson; Yoav; and so forth. Doesn’t always work (which is fine - I prefer to hear musicians trying things out), but when it works, it works a charm.

Examples that are well separated in genre:

The latter is somewhat peculiar: the arrangement is MOR, almost Muzak, but she captures the original’s Affekt of Baroque aria very well in her part.


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