Listen to "Another Brick in the Wall" played on traditional Korean gayageum


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It’s even better in the original Klingon


Is she making that long reverb happen on purpose somehow, or does it just do that? Because if so it must be very hard to play.

Anyway, good.


Ran across her a while back. Also highly recommend her cover of “Voodoo Chile”.


I was underwhelmed at the beginning, as the instrument doesn’t do lower registers well. But it got lots better as soon as she started an octave up. Too muddy to be really good on its own merit, but the playing and transcription is amazing. And I broke out in the biggest grin when she got to the Gilmour solo.


As far as I can tell Luna Lee’s greatest skill is in self promotion or at least quantity production of YouTube videos. There are other gayageum players. try this video of Starirway to Heaven by the Sookmyung Womens University for instance:


I wanna hear Ghost Riders in the Sky on that thingy!


That was awesome.


Gayageum Style!

Hey, you were all thinking it.


Also enjoyed her Sultans of Swing cover.


I never would have believed anything could out-weird Roger Waters.


I kind of want all of “The Wall” performed entirely on various traditional instruments. could be interesting, and entertaining


I know I sure was.


Um, no. I wasn’t.


I think BB linked me to this one a few years ago.


Way to shit all over an artist to promote another artist. You don’t have to insult Luna Lee to favorably mention someone else.


I’m sure the alt-righters were all thinking that.


My favorite of hers is still her cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit, but she’s got a ton of great stuff on her channel worth checking out.


Yup - if anyone is at all bored and feels it’s going nowhere then jump to the 2:00 mark (though the full playthrough is worth it)