Bulgarian guitarist covers Aerosmith's "Dream On."

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Pretty song, pretty cover.

Uh, I watched the Free Bird one too. Did nobody tell that woman that there are a bunch of guitars on that track? She didn’t have to work that hard.
Plus, well… the song kinda’ sucks.

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Not really related, but I felt out of the loop this past month because I’d never heard this band.

Makes me nostalgic for 80s metal…

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She’s playing my favorite brand of guitar.



Wow, so I just watched the jump vid too.



Only semi-related, my favorite youtube guitar cover guy:

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The cover itself is just bad. Could it just be that you picked this video because she’s very pretty?Kinda sad.

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With all the amazing guitarists and cover versions on YouTube, I’m struggling to understand why this has been singled out, too. It’s pretty average.

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They’re… better with mute. They look cool, but they sound like DragonForce.

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Is it? I think its good.

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As has been said or intimated, it’s clear that this is posted because this is a pretty woman from Bulgaria. There is nothing remarkable or challenging about this song. I’ve been in bands with a number of women who bring the goods, nothing novel about that. In fact, I’d suggest to all the excellent doc on Brazilian women:
Women in Metal (MULHERES NO METAL)


You say that like it’s a bad thing.

That’s what I always think is a little weird about these threads. Let’s not discourage women from being musicians, but something feels condescending about heaping praise on someone for playing something like “Dream On”.

I did, and would again.

And… watch her play Free Bird. It’s not much of a song, but she sure works hard at it.

Me, I liked bands like Helloween when I was a teenager, and that’s what they sound like to me.



To each their own; thanks for sharing your opinion.

She has technical skill. There’s more to music than technical skill, something a teacher hit me with at an early eage.

Skynyrd takes skill, but it takes emotion, too.

They had some good songs, no doubt. FB is not one of them.
And technique is often in actual opposition to art.

But watch that Bulgarian woman play three parts at once. Is that how many parts there were on that song?

As a young(er) person I quite liked Flipper, and still do.

I guess I’m not sure ho to do this.

I’ll just leave this here.

Is it really clear? I don’t think its clear.
Can you link a video of an ugly girl playing dream on then?
Oh wait, you mean to say that if she’s that pretty then she also needs to be even more talented so she actually deserves recognition? That’s fucked up.

There is. YMMV

Good for you!

Looks cool, I’ll check it out.

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This is sooooo not true.
Bad technique is still technique.
Great technique does note equal great art but lack of technique does not ensure great art either.
I could rant about this all day. I’ll stop here.

Okay, for the record:

  • Yes, you can post a video of anyone’s
    performance regardless of looks. I’m saying that it’s pointless (and
    embarrassing) to post only because of that.
  • Opinion, but there
    really isn’t anything challenging about the mechanics of playing this
    song. Plus, it’s another garden variety seventies “pop hit.” Nothing
    worth repeating there. Again, my opinion.
  • I mention being in bands
    with good female players to underscore that there is nothing remarkable
    about it. Its like saying “look at the talented little lady playing
    guitar, how cute.”
  • Hope you dig the doc on Brazil. They’re great
    and they visit some of these points in discussing their experiences in a
    world usually populated by men.