Bowie's "The Man Who Sold the World" played on a Korean gayageum


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would love to hear it isolated from the guitars.


I always enjoy her performances but this one is especially nice. The tonality seems right.

I think it is all her on the gayageum multi-tracked. (Just my guess)


The right-hand side of the video… Thanks, David for posting this!


Quite wonderful. Thanks.


That’s my feeling too, after watching several of her videos - it’s usually all her, all on the same instrument, with the different tracks combined in post, and the different views on the video are from her playing the different tracks.


It’s a real toe tapper.


Would love to hear this run through a mild fuzz box.


A lot of multitracking, to be sure, but there are almost always bass-and-drums backing tracks (sometimes sequenced), and occasionally you will hear guitar on a backing track. I believe this particular backing track has acoustic guitar on the left channel. She tends to be pragmatic about accompaniment, but she has shown a tendency toward doing more arranging and more multitracking of the gayageum in the last couple of years.

Something like this was fairly common earlier, however (and yes, you can hear Tommy Emmanuel beneath her instrument):

Here’s the original:


I always liked her rendition of Scuttlebuttin’.


Her version of Feel Good Inc is excellent


The lead has some saturation, can’t be sure but driving that little orange box in the background would probably give that sound.


Rocking awesome.


I don’t know what all sounds are capable from the gayageum but some of the rhythm parts sound exactly like guitars. It’s impressive either way.


So what happened when you clicked on the little speaker, then chanted ‘ipsos factos fuzztron non depreiczet-cho’ and clicked OK? [Prepares to ship 2.6 M long 80cm wide purpleheart fuzz pedal if that doesn’t work. Starts weaving mat instead.]

SRS Audio Sandbox seems to be a bit of a tease as audio middleware goes, not as fun as opening alsamixer and panning over to SRS and whacking spacebar. [Maker-inclined. Should’ve checked Wolfson, though. RealTek has lines with SRS virtualization for 2 speakers or 5.1 in it., Xitel, Valencetek…]


There certainly is a quieter backing-strumming component from the inset video, but it doesn’t match the guitar.


I really liked this one. A lot. Bonus points for the tee shirt.


Weirdly, that sounded too much like the original Bowie track for me. Still it is cool to watch someone doing something really well.


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