A woman with a traditional Chinese musical instrument covers "Smooth Criminal"

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Yes it was. Another mind-blowing solo instrumental for your consideration:


Was the rhythm track added after the performance? I don’t think I saw any equipment to produce it, but I suppose it could have been on the underside of the guzheng.


There was something underneath, next to the tip case. Looked like an amp. I suspect she routed the rhythm track and amplified the guzheng through that


The amp I saw, but I assume the amp wouldn’t produce rhythm by itself. (Or is there such a thing?)

Just rewatched it.

I couldn’t find an additional piece of equipment for the rhythm and the rhythm track started and stopped without her hands controlling it. She could be controlling it with her feet or perhaps it is preprogrammed, of course.

I’m sure there’s a little mp3 player or something similar somewhere hooked up to the amp.

The backing track starts before she starts playing (there are “swooshing” noises right at the beginning of the video) so she probably hit “play” before the video starts. All good karaoke performers (whether vocal or instrumental) know to use backing tracks that provide some kind of intro so the performer knows when to come in.


For other insanely good covers of this with Asian instruments, type ‘smooth criminal gayageum’ into YouTube and the first two hits are well worth the effort.

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Every camera angle is a different performance (because we never see any cameras), so the soundtrack is either one street performance (not necessarily from that day) or a studio recording.


That was very good. Still prefer this one: Smooth Criminal M.Jackson à l'orgue de barbarie - YouTube


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