Metalachi, Crazy Train mariachi


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This would be perfect if only they had a decent vocalist. Heck, a downright bad vocalist would work if he just had the proper mariachi sound.

It was actually quite proper, there just weren’t any proper mariachi style harmony.

That made my Friday.

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We’ll have to agree to disagree on what “proper” mariachi vocals are, I suppose. Then again, I’m picky and a bit of a traditionalist.

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Awesome. And that violinist’s sombrero is so metal.

Still, my favorite Ozzy/Sabbath cover has to be this little gem:


That fiddler seriously has the most awesome hat ever.

This music isn’t 100% traditional and authentic? Horrors!

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And a Bluegrass version!:

And harps!!! HA hA ha!

and to threadjack, a harp metal cover that doesn’t suck!

(seriously, this guy has skills).

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Definitely a wonderful thing. I need to book them for my mother in law’s next birthday.

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