Listen to this stunning cover of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by the man who travels the world singing as Freddie Mercury

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Ay - Oh!


That is fantastic.


Maybe its just me, but I see a bit of the same mouth/palette structure on him that Freddie had.

not coincidental whatsoever.


sent shivers down my spine, for real - thanks for this one RB


my favourite Marc Martel…also interesting, there is an old video of him performing Bohemian Rhapsody at a church, with some parishioners. nice guitar there :slight_smile:


" an old video of him performing Bohemian Rhapsody at a church, with some parishioners" …turns out that video is on his YT page too. Seriously good band for presumably non professionals:


Far out. Dig.

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That was awesome, and I hate to say this and be that guy, BUT…

The next video that autoloaded was actually THE Freddie Mercury singing BR live at a stadium concert, and after listening to that, this video was like a Xerox* of a Xerox of a Xerox. Recognizable, but not even close to the range and power. Freddie’s vibrato alone was a force of nature.

*Do people still say Xerox?


not without a lawsuit

anyway, my favorite mark martel is his audition tape of “somebody to love”. i’ll pay money to listen to him sing queen… you couldn’t pay me to watch what queen has become.

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Oh geez. Goosebumps.

My favorite is this new kid, just recently released (from diapers).

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Three of the best musicians I know personally play in the church bands for megachurches in S. California. Pretty big pool of professional-level talent, folks who didn’t make the cut, lots of folks who got disillusioned with the lifestyle and found Jesus. I imagine the suburbs of just about any big urban area are no different.

Though usually they play watered-down Christian Rock, so I could see them really getting into something like this, though I wonder what pastor would approve of the choice.

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Yes, Martel mentions that in his ‘How to sound like Freddie’ YouTube video.

Martel is apparently a “Christian Rock” performer himself, so perhaps that helped influence the choice :slight_smile:

Stunningly talented.I wonder if he has as much range as FM did.

RE: Xerox… Only really old people.

I agree, this guy is really good but just doesn’t quite have the power Freddie did.

I’ve always been curious to see people’s actual vocal chords and wonder if there is a visible difference between people with 5/6/7 octave ranges like Freddie Mercury, Rachelle Ferrell, Axl Rose, etc and a person with a normal 3 octave range.