Freddie Mercury sings "We Are The Champions" a capella

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Awesomely awesome. Indeed…


Well done Mr Mercury! And just in case anybody missed this gem from a while ago in the back of a police car… here 'ya go:

It’s amazing hearing talent. Today all you hear are dead autotuned voices.

Man, there’s a lot of voices out there that aren’t “dead” or autotuned.

Try Mika, Florence & the Machine, Adele, and even Rufus Wainwright.

While you are correct, too many people now have “help”, it isn’t fair to compare most people to Freddie because his voice was such a rare, rare specimin.


Great singer. Hopefully I’ll manage to come across things like this without boingboing, those looping gifs made from videos you post just about trigger seizures so I’m done.

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Can say that again.


I’m not sure what the definition of a capella is, but Freddy was likely listening to the music as he sang. It’s just an isolated track from a multitrack recording. Still impressive, but he was not standing alone on stage and belting it out.

Here’s a really interesting video that talked about how Queen put together Bohemian Rhapsody. About halfway through, they show the 2 inch tape and then go through the recording channel by channel.

Inside The Rhapsody - Queen (Full Documentary


The hell is he doing in that .gif? Was that even legal in the 70s?

It is from the multitrack. Half of their greatest hits are available in multitrack, including the full 24 channel multitrack for Bohemian Rhapsody. YouTubers tend to only upload the vocals though, and call them acapellas.




I’m pretty sure that Brian May says at some point in this documentary that when they were overlaying multiple vocal takes together, Freddie’s takes were so spot-on that sometimes they’d start phasing with each other. Which, wow.

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